I make long versions of
them for Palmers guns too.  
K on a Crazy KP side by side
Raw aluminum "Go ahead, make my
day"- goodness  

The Hogue grip is fro a 357 Smith &
Wesson K frame revolver .

I just need to let in the trigger
components and fit it to a marker.
"Mad Max-ish"   It's got character.  Sorry, I scrapped it.....
I was never happy with the trigger guard.  It was neither bad
enough to be unusable nor good enough to make me happy.   
People came out of the woodwork asking if I would make them
one.   I didn't want to until I could do it much better.  Now I have.
My origional S&W K frame grip PMI was carved with a Bridgeport
like an Etch-a-Sketch.    

I now own a cnc vertical mill.   and I have designed a k frame that
fits PMI,  PGP, and Palmers guns.
Freak inserted PGPs
Phantom / Nelson / AR15 grip fames.   These are available by order for around
$40* raw, $60* anodized.
Pricing*     Material prices are extremely volatile.  Aluminum has doubled in price
the last year.  Thus, prices are not set, but rather depend on the cost of
materials and PITA factor if complicated set ups are required for special or low
quantity orders etc...   This is all custom work, no mass produced assembly line.
Frames are available in limited quantity in polished
aluminum, black anodized, or solid brass.  
Prices depend on options, and range from around
$150* to $220*

I sell them by special order with delivery typically
running two to six weeks. Email me at  carries them when I can get
ahead of special orders.  Check with ASP to what they
have in stock first, if they have what you want you will get
it fast..
Gallery: Paintball
Pump kits, approx. ~$35 depends on options.
other miscelaneous Paintball guns I have worked.
leather work
Square frames available.
Bantam (round) vs.
Conversion (square)
Hogue rubber grips
bolt action