Equipment and shop
CNC Machining
moving tools
Manual machining and turning
Buell sprocket cover  (rotary table manual)
Broaching shifter splines
Airplane, RC
carbon fiber and aluminum (not so) SPAD
airplane.    Google spads,  simple plastic
airplane design.  enjoy!
Shooting sports.
Buell clutch cover  (glass bead blasted through vinyl mask)
Buell Dash  (rotary table manual)
Engraving in brass, steel, polycarbnoate and aluminum
Gallery: Shop
A Browning 22 scope mount, and a Co2 conversion for a
Sherridan pellet rifle
<< Many, many more machined projects in the paint ball gallery too!
links to video of starting and homing axis for Tree Journeyman 325
Shop Tour
air cleaner